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Chase Research and Securities  key services
  • Financial investigations
  • Money laundering investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Tracing services - of assets and people
  • Background and due diligence checks
  • Evidence Gathering & Analysis
  • Case File Preparation
  • Insurance claims

Our experienced staff offer a comprehensive service, offering the full range of skills required for a thorough investigation.

We act on behalf of both companies and individuals; regardless of the client, we gather all the evidence we can and present our findings in a thorough written report.

Litigation as a last resort
Litigation can involve an unpredictable outcome, an uncertain timetable and have no clear budget. For these reasons, we always encourage clients to look for alternative means of resolving disputes.
Tough when we need to be
Sometimes litigation cannot be avoided and in such cases, we can offer lawyers with experience who are able to guide you through the procedural hurdles and, most importantly, to dictate events and keep in control of the process. In short, we will be tough and pro-active when it matters.
Risk and reward analysis
We carry out a risk assessment of the clients situation and needs at the outset  in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses, the likely outcome and timescale. We will discuss with you your commercial objectives and agree a strategy to achieve the desired outcome.
Flexibility and transparency on costs
In order to assist clients with understanding and budgeting for the costs, we are able to offer a number of creative funding alternatives which can be discussed with you at the outset of your case.  We make every effort to assess the cost and cash flow implications for you and keep you fully informed as to what costs are likely to be, when they are likely to be incurred and why.


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